After a year of research & development, AHPharma is nearing the completion of the AviLighting™ Egg Candler!  Developed specifically to meet requirements set forth by real experts at USDA AMS, this egg candling unit will be the first of its kind.

Egg Candle

What is a Egg Candling?

In the United States, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is responsible for the management of egg grading.  Egg grading consists of human graders who inspect 1 of every 75 cases of eggs by hand using a candling light to validate egg grades and ensure compliance.  Graders physically inspect an egg by holding it up to an egg candler light to illuminate the inside of the egg.  This allows for visual inspection to determine if the egg is cracked or contains other imperfections such as blood spots.

The Problem…and the Solution:

Current egg candling technology leaves much to be desired.  First and foremost, the current market leaders employ old light sources (incandescent or halogen bulbs) which run hot and burn out quickly.  Not only does this create a hot environment in which the professional grader must work, it also means increased down time when a bulb needs to be replaced.

There are currently a several LED candling devices on the market, however, these lack many of the features preferred and/or required by professional egg graders.  For example, one key feature required in a modern egg grading booth is a ‘case light’ (light that points downward and illuminates a case of eggs) – the AviLighting™ Egg Candler will be the first LED candling unit to offer this option.  Additionally, most LED candlers on the market are either made for stationary candling or mobile candling – meaning that a professional grader or operation must buy at least two different units.  The AviLighting™ Egg Candler however is both a stationary unit and a mobile unit.  By simply changing out a back plate, the AviLighting™ Egg Candler can be mounted to a shelf, bench, wall, or included stand that breaks down without tools for easy travel & assembly/dis-assembly.  Additionally, the AviLighting™ Egg Candler bundle includes a portable Lithium Ion battery pack that has an approximate 8 hour capacity at full brightness.

Price Point:

Last, and perhaps most importantly, the AviLighting™ Egg Candler is reasonably priced.  At $219.96 for the entire bundle (LED fixture, shelf mount, mobile stand, battery pack, and power supply with ‘Y’ splitter for simultaneous charge-and-use), this product is over $65 less expensive than other leading LED egg candlers on the market… not to mention an included 5 year warranty on the LED fixture and a lifetime warranty on all metal parts.

Where to buy?

If you’re interested in obtaining an AviLighting™ Egg Candler, contact us at to complete your pre-order.  Product will be available starting in April of 2016 with a full release the following month.


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