The first high-intensity LED lighting system engineered for poultry rearing facilities.

AviLighting Brochure


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Immediate Benefits:

  • Efficiency: up to 94% reduction in energy costs per year when switching from incandescent bulbs
  • Longevity: guaranteed for 5 years (diodes rated at 100,000+ hours)
  • Simplicity: installation is intuitive, simple, and can be completed in 24-30 man-hours.

    • Minimal AC wiring is required.  The AviLighting system allows an installer to simply “plug-and-play” when installing any AviLighting product.
  • Scalability: new units can be placed on the line to immediately emit as much light as necessary
  • Dimmable: all AviLighting fixtures are dimmable down to 1% – providing a wide range of light intensity options for your poultry facility.
  • Durability: LED boards are encapsulated in optically clear plastic to seal against dust & water.



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