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Designed to specifically meet and exceed USDA AMS requirements for a human-grader egg candling light, the AviLighting® Egg Candler includes numerous desirable features that current stationary candling lights lack.


Will I ever have to change a bulb?

No.  Our egg candler uses LEDs that last >50 times the normal life-span of an incandescent bulb.  If the unit goes dim or burns out within your 5 year warranty period, contact us for a free replacement.  After the 5 year warranty expires, LEDs can be replaced for $75, but the unit will need to be sent back to us to have new LEDs installed.

What is the warranty?

The LED Egg Candler and its electrical components are warranted for 5 years.  All metal parts including your stationary or mobile mount package includes a lifetime warranty.  If you’d like to submit a claim, please call us at 443.260.2499 x6 or email us at  For additional warranty details, click here to view our detailed warranty document.

What do the buttons do?

Your egg candler has a push-button on the left side to turn the whole unit ON/OFF.  There are also 3 touch-controlled buttons on the top for select (S), minus (-) and plus (+).  Select will toggle the candle (front) & case (bottom) light ON/OFF.  Minus (-) will lower the brightness of the LEDs and plus (+) will increase the brightness.

Touch control buttons on the candler function similar to the screen on most smart phones.  To operate, simply place the flat of your finger on the plastic button – no “pushing” motion is necessary.

How does the battery pack work?

If your Candler package includes a battery pack, you’ll find 4 LEDs on this device (3 green, 1 red).  Each LED indicates 25% charge – when all 4 are illuminated, the battery pack is fully charged.  If only the red LED is illuminates, this indicates that the battery pack is at or below 25% charge.  To charge the battery pack, plug this device into the included power supply and flip the switch to the ON (1) position.  To power the unit off for storage or transport, toggle the switch to OFF (0).



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