In-House Manufacturing

AHPharma has spent years assembling a team of consultants representing various disciplines & areas of expertise to provide a turn-key rapid prototyping task force.  The result of this effort is a vastly improved product development process that aids in short-cutting conventional practices.  Specifically, many firms focus on a single service or discipline, and therefore an inventor must go to several firms in order to construct each aspect of the potential product.  AHPharma’s team of experts, however, encompass nearly every aspect involved in the development of products from electronics to mechanical devices and even large scale implements such as automated manure-to-energy incineration chambers.  In summary, no matter what the invention or its requirements, AHPharma has someone on staff or on speed dial to assist, consult, and provide industry experience.

Circuit Board Design

We consult with several electrical engineers that have extensive experience designing printed circuit boards with applications ranging from medical devices to simple LED novelties.  AHPharma has excellent working relationships with both designers and US-based manufacturers, and has the ability to obtain tangible printed circuit boards as quickly as one week after the concept is realized.  AHPharma also employs several rapid prototyping processes in-house with regards to circuit boards.  One example of a prototyping technique includes etching a copper-clad board using a translucent negative of the circuit and light exposure.  This practice results in a customized, functional circuit board within hours, and is often used by DIY electrical engineers.

Logic Programming

AHPharma works with several software engineers that have the ability and experience needed to program in nearly any language available today.  Prototypes are often built using single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi or the Arduino, then transferred to micro-controllers for commercialization.  This is good news for the DIY engineer who loves to tinker – simply develop your prototype using off-the-shelf devices such as the Arduino and all its related peripherals.  Once this prototype system is in working order, AHPharma can help you convert this one-off prototype into a commercially viable circuit board & housing that can be replicated thousands of times in a profitable manner.

3D Printing

AHPharma owns and operates a Stratysys, Fortus 400mc system.  Using this advanced machine, we can create plastic objects with a layer thickness of as little as 0.005″ (~5 human hairs) in just a matter of hours.  The result is a beautiful, smooth part that is often so structurally durable and cosmetically appealing, it can be used in the consumer-grade model of a product.  The same printer can also be quickly outfit with a ‘draft tip’ for less cosmetically demanding applications, and is one of the fastest commercial systems on the market when it comes to rapid prototyping.  Whether you’re looking for one gorgeous replica of a 1970 Ford Mustang or one-hundred temporary jigs for wood-working, our in-house 3D printer can get the job done.

Available Plastics:

ULTEM 9085 – an FDM thermoplastic ideal for aerospace, automotive and military applications because of its FST rating, high strength-to-weight ratio and existing certifications.

ABS-M30i – works with FDM Technology to build functional prototypes, tooling and production parts that can be gamma or EtO sterilized. This engineering thermoplastic has good mechanical strength and complies with ISO 10993 and USP Class VI.

ABS – perhaps the most popular 3D printing material, available in numerous colors such as red, black, white, natural (off-white), yellow, blue, grey and more.  Parts 3D printed in this material are mechanically strong and stable over time.

Metal Work

AHPharma has a welding expert on-staff and several others on-call for projects that require additional labor.  We also own a vast amount of metal working equipment including several welders, grinders, breaks, and rollers.  AHPharma has experience in managing large scale projects that require metal work including the construction of an on-farm manure-to-energy incineration chamber.  Additionally, AHPharma works with small-scale metal projects when considering components or housings for various products.

Software Development

AHPharma works with several consultants that specialize in web-based programming and application development.  These consultants are well versed in nearly every language being used in the industry today including C, C#, C++, Python, Go, Java, and many more.  AHPharma and its consultants have experience in the development of cross-platform applications, mobile applications, web-based applications, websites, e-commerce platforms, scripts, machine-code, and micro-controller related logic (C-based).