AHPharma, Inc. strives for excellence & confidentiality in research and education that provides facilities for and expertise in improving animal agriculture production, nutrition, health, energy savings, and housing techniques.


AHPharma, Inc. & Dr. James McNaughton have conducted over 300 independent regulatory, nutrition, and scientific-based discovery research trials since 1986.  Previous research was conducted at Perdue Farms, Inc., USDA/ARS, and Mississippi State University.

Animal Research GLP & GCP Procedures

  • Detailed Protocol Development
    • QA review
  • Research Agreement Formed
    • Management review
  • Appointment of Principle Investigator or Study Director (by Management)
  • Protocol Signed
    • QA review
  • Schedule of Events Developed
    • SOP review & training
  • Research Site Inspection
    • QA review
  • Trial Initiation
  • Trial Conduct
    • Data collection
  • Statistical Evaluations
    • Data summary
  • Final Report Developed


  • Provide growout live animal test facilities for poultry, chicken, turkey, commercial egg-type laying hens, swine and limited cattle research.
  • Primary research interest is in new product development for the species mentioned above.
  • Conduct high-quality research for clients including, but not limited to,┬ánutritional evaluations, food safety, probiotic, mineral, antibiotic studies and bacteria evaluations (Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, Campylobacter, and other bacteria).
  • Manage FDA/CVM and USDA/CFSAN in the areas of food safety, food contact, food petition, GRAS, and live animal health/performance.
  • Develop technology products for use in animal agriculture and food safety.
  • Identify technology (from independent entrepreneurs, USDA, and University/education systems) and independently research the feasibility and efficiency.

Animal Research Facilities & Equipment

  • 20 acre, privately owned research farmlab_inner
  • Disinfectant evaluation
  • Boiler battery units
  • Processing spray cabinet
  • Micro laboratory
  • Poultry pen units
  • Control chambers
  • New/built-up litter floor
  • Turkey floor pen
  • Full growout units

Animal Research Models

  • Nutritional product evaluation
  • FDA non-clinical studies
  • Target animal safety studies (Guidance 33)
  • Bioequivalence studies
  • Disease challenge studies
  • Multi-generational studies
  • Nematode challenge model including nematode inoculation & potential efficacy of products
  • Efficacy of feed-grade anti-coccidiodials and coccidiosis vaccine (both in ovo and spray)
  • Efficacy of antibiotics (growth and disease responses)
  • Necrotic enteritis model
  • Salmonella model, applied in either litter or in vivo
  • Mycotoxicosis model (natural & inoculum infection)
  • Egg (in ovo) injection model
  • Colibacillosis model (E. coli development)
  • Processing capability (for both parts and dry yield determination)
  • Microbial evaluation (both live animal/fecal and processed carcasses), including Salmonella spp., Escherichia coli, Listeria, and Campylobacter

Regulatory Standard Experience

  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP for non-clinical laboratory studies, CFR Title 21, Part 58, Revised as of April 1, 2009)
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP, VICH GL9, CVM Guidance Document 85)
  • Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (EPA FIFRA GLP, 40 CFR part 160)

Regulatory Agency Experience

  • FDA/CVMlab_inner2
  • University IACUC
  • EPA

Animal Research Capabilities Brochure

For a more complete list of capabilities and qualifications, please reference our Research Capabilities document.

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